The CV of a Liberated Mathematician

Piper Harron
The Liberated Mathematician


“If at first you don’t succeed, throw the rules out and try again.”


Educational Experiences

1998 – 2002

New York University, BA cum laude in Romance Languages
survived external and internalized misogyny
survived external and internalized racism

2003 – 2009

Princeton University, MA in Mathematics
survived external and internalized misogyny
survived external and internalized racism
survived pervasive and internalized cult of genius mythology

2009 – 2013

Real Life, Single Lady of Arts in Oppression
grew human in own body
gave birth to new human with own body
created milk with own body to sustain new human
survived pregnancy, labor, and infant care related misogyny

2013 – 2015

Real Life, Mistress of Arts in Self-Liberation
grew, birthed, and created milk for new human with own body
survived thesis writing while being a stay-at-home parent

2015 – 2016

Princeton University, PhD in Mathematics
Advisor: Manjul Bhargava

Interests   Algebraic number theory, arithmetic statistics, teaching, writing, social justice


08/2016 –

Assistant Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

09/2009 – 12/2010

Lecturer, Northeastern University

Awards and Recognition

  • PhD thesis received widespread media coverage: including Radiolab, Scientific American blog, and AMS blog’s “Best of 2015”
  • Beatrice Yormark Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, May 2016
  • First Year Fellowship, Princeton University, 2003–2004
  • Denied Awards and Recognition

  • Surviving village-less parenthood is its own reward, 2011–
  • Surviving patriarchy is its own reward, 1980–
  • Surviving white supremacy is its own reward, 1980–
  • Invited Research Seminars and Conferences

    Mar 2016

    Duke University Number Theory Seminar

    May 2016

    Program for Women and Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton

    May 2016

    Stanford University Number Theory Seminar

    Jul 2016

    Latin American Congress of Mathematicians

    Nov 2016

    Fields Medal Symposium, Fields Institute

    Outreach: Speaking

    Mar 2016

    Invited speaker at Duke University Baldwin Scholars Seminar

    May 2016

    Visit with women in mathematics organization (Noetherian Ring) at UC Berkeley

    Jun 2016

    Invited speaker at EDGE Summer Session, Purdue University

    Selected Press

  • Scientific American Blog, “Contrasts in Number Theory” by Evelyn Lamb, December 2015
  • AMS Blog, “The Best and Worst of Math in 2015” by Anna Haensch, December 2015
  • Radiolab, taped interview for upcoming episode
  • Teaching Experience

    Fall 2009 — Fall 2010

    Math 1342: Calculus II (five sections over three semesters)
    Dept. of Mathematics, Northeastern University

    Spring 2009 & Fall 2006

    Mat 104: Calculus II (two sections in two semesters)
    Dept. of Mathematics, Princeton University