Peli’s Vibes part 2: Autoencoders!

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Okay, and we’re back discussing Peli Grietzer‘s Theory of Vibe. Or, more importantly, Peli’s Theory of Vibe as I see it! Because he’s already explained it all quite a bit. Imitation is the Highest Form of Interpretation Up until grad school, my main method for learning math was imitation and pattern recognition (and as far as I’m concerned, I haven’t… Read more »

Peli’s Vibes part 1: An Introduction

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Today (and over the next few posts) I want to talk to you about work that my friend Peli Grietzer has been doing. But don’t worry, I’m still going to talk almost exclusively about myself. Peli’s work, for me, is like my mother-in-law’s blue cheese gnocchi. I despise blue cheese and I despise gnocchi. Yet somehow what she made was… Read more »

In Defense of Not Telling Me What TF I Can and Can’t Think About

This is just an angry little note to myself, because I understand I have no business talking about this. I am a mathematician, and a pure mathematician at that. I am a black woman who studies the structures of abstractified numbers. And why do I do this? Because it’s effing interesting to me and blessedly someone is willing to pay… Read more »

Stay Screaming

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I’ve been going about my life, screaming internally, and people keep engaging in regular conversation with me and all I can think is, why are we not screaming? Why are we not actually just yelling and breaking things most of the time? Every time I respond to “how are you?” with anything other than screaming, I feel guilty. Complicit. But… Read more »

Class dismissed

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Attention Allies: Many of us have been informally enrolled in at least one Ally Education course. Maybe it was a Facebook group. Maybe it was questioning your Token Marginalized Friend. We have been wrestling with the failings of our good intentions. We have asked and answered questions on cultural appropriation and default pronouns. We have pushed buttons; we have hurt… Read more »

Intro to Lattices

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My thesis talks about “shapes” of “number fields,” but really what we’re looking at is shapes of lattices, and using MATH to go from “number fields” to lattices. So I thought it would be nice to give a quick intro to what it means for lattices to have shapes and for those shapes to live in a space of shapes…. Read more »

mini update on my life

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(Image Description: A person with short hair juggles balls and poorly drawn bowling pins. Additional balls are shot from machines labeled “Teaching” and “Broader Impact” while additional bowling pins are dropped down from a person hanging from a trapeze labeled “Research.” Two people are taking money from the juggler’s pockets; they are labeled “Invite to Conference” and “Childcare.” Two chairs… Read more »