Welcome to Office Hours

Prof: Piper Harron
Affiliation: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Interests: Calculus II, intersectional radical feminism, Number Theory, anti-racism, etc.
Curricula Vitarum: liberated CV and professional CV

Contact me: (via email) theliberatedmathematician at gmail dot com

My favorite part of being a mathematician is being able to work with students. Right now my only students are very small irrational overly energetic humans who mostly just want to know what time it is and whether it’s their birthday.

My view of mathematics is that it is an absolute mess which actively pushes out the sort of people who might make it better. I have no patience for genius pretenders. I want to empower the people.

My first big endeavor to improve mathematics was my PhD thesis, which I’m sharing here. I will use this site to share resources related to math or academia, but I do not anticipate regular postings as I spend most of my time dealing with childcare, worrying about politics, or researching the history of social injustice.