mini update on my life

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Maybe she should do something meaningful.

(Image Description: A person with short hair juggles balls and poorly drawn bowling pins. Additional balls are shot from machines labeled “Teaching” and “Broader Impact” while additional bowling pins are dropped down from a person hanging from a trapeze labeled “Research.” Two people are taking money from the juggler’s pockets; they are labeled “Invite to Conference” and “Childcare.” Two chairs are set up in the audience labeled “NSF” and “Academic Jobs” and the occupants are thinking “Hmm… she doesn’t look like a mathematician…” There is a big sign in the top right corner which reads “Women of Color High Stakes Academic Circus Extravaganza” and beneath this is a sign that says “Rules: Drop Anything and Confirm Everyone’s Lowest Expectations!” The juggler looks… frazzled.)

Note: this juggling act is not reserved only for women of color.