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mini update on my life

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(Image Description: A person with short hair juggles balls and poorly drawn bowling pins. Additional balls are shot from machines labeled “Teaching” and “Broader Impact” while additional bowling pins are dropped down from a person hanging from a trapeze labeled “Research.” Two people are taking money from the juggler’s pockets; they are labeled “Invite to Conference” and “Childcare.” Two chairs… Read more »

Short and Spiky

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There was a shooting the other night close enough to campus that I received an email about it. As I read the report, I found myself bracing to read the description of the suspect. Since I was a child, I’ve known that it is bad for all black people when a crime is committed by one black person. “Please don’t… Read more »

An apology to my Facebook friends

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I have a hard time executing goodbyes. I’m fine with the actual goodbyes, but initiating them on my own terms when the other people are otherwise occupied is sometimes too big of an obstacle for me to overcome. It happens every Thanksgiving. The rules of etiquette dictate (presumably; not like I’ve checked) that I should say goodbye to everyone, preferably… Read more »